Diana Nyad”s Mantra

“Find a way.”

_Diana Nyad

Most of us have probably heard of Diana Nyad’s 103 mile swim this past week from Cuba to Key West. This was finally a dream come true for her after 30 years and 4 previous attempts, all which failed for various reasons. Now at 64 years old, she has realized a lifelong dream that took tremendous commitment, determination and courage.

She was asked how she overcame all these obstacles, and she stated that her mantra this swim was simply, “Find a way.” Find a way to get through the physical pain, despair, the jellyfish bites, the hallucinations in the water, burning of her mouth from salt water…………”Find a way.”

What about us? Can we find a way to rid of ourselves of our addictions, our impatience with others? Can we find a way to help others along the way, if just in some small way? Can we lend a hand or take the time to listen, just listen to someone who needs to talk? Can we give a word of encouragement to a child or someone struggling? Can we give a smile that says hey, you’re a special person? Can we find time to love those around us as we go through our day? And maybe, those around us have problems much bigger than we are carrying around. And yes, can we find the way today to say a prayer of thanks and love to God, and if not a prayer, can we just talk to Him and share our thoughts, our thanks and love to Him sometime throughout the day? Can we “Find a Way?”


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