All You Need Is Love

All You Need Is Love
Great Beatles song. It gets running in your head and it doesn’t stop. No way to turn it off. Little did I know a song I loved many years ago, is what guides me today in many ways of my faith. It’s a cornerstone part of my faith. It guides me, and when I may be confused or indecisive, it is what I use to choose my thoughts and actions.

What are some ways we can use love everyday as we go about what we do?
• Challenges we meet
• People we see and meet
• “Situations”
• Success
• Failures
• Help received
• Help given
• Bonds formed
• Disappointments
• Wrongs inflicted on others
• Forgiveness
• Gifts you receive
• Vulnerability
• Weakness in ourselves and others
• Viewed as an obstacle
• Listening
• Encouragements
• Them not Me
• It is the right thing to do-Carry it with us everywhere. The list goes on…………….

And when we speak and act from the heart, people from all backgrounds, all ages and all cultures, see through to the beauty of innocence, sincerity and love.

All you need is Love.

“Find a way.”


One thought on “All You Need Is Love

  1. Lin Stearns says:

    Wonderful insight. It ties in the the scriptures in 1st Corinthians, Love conquers everything. Oftentimes it’s simply a matter on a few moments of Quiet to bring us back to love when we are feeling down.


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