Inspiration quote and Reflection_Empty Hand

“It is a great loss if we greet every day with clenched hands stuffed with our own devices.
We will never know what is out there waiting for us if we don’t extend an empty hand to
The world and wait for the wonder to happen.”

_Brother Homan and Louis Collins Pratt

It is all about trust and trust comes from love. Imagine a small child standing by the side of the pool, and the father or mother says “Jump. Don’t worry I’ll catch you.” For some children that is enough, while other it may take 5 or 6 times of encouragement. But what makes them take that jump? Yes, the trust in their parents that they will be ok, even though they are scared to make that jump into the water.

What about us as adults? Are we standing there with an empty hand towards God? Are we the child today that is willing to receive what God has for us or are we too scared? Do we have the trust in God, and if not, why not?

God loves us, and is all merciful with unlimited forgiveness for us. Yes, us. All we have to do is ask.

So how do we become that child today by holding out an empty hand to God? How do we get over our fears? Literally, when are we going to make that move and jump?
Yes, its trust in God, and we’re scared just like that child trying to jump into the water.

Everything is all about love. Just trust God.

“Find a way”


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