“The Narrow Door”

“Strive to enter through the narrow door.”
_Luke 13:24

Striving forward requires contending with whatever comes your way. Making good out of bad, and becoming a better person for your efforts. Choosing encouragement instead of criticism; choosing love rather than disrespect or hatred. We are all challenged with choices, hardships and disappointments, along with pain and suffering and the weight of our cross. How do we choose to manage this, and what decisions are we making to control all of this in our lives? But also, how do we manage this so we can put the beauty of life in front of our challenges, to treasure and share the love around us?

It is hard to find those answers when you in the valley rather than on top of the mountain. However, being in the valley allows us to get to the top of the mountain, as we learn and grow by the lessons and experiences of the valley. It is in the valley where we learn the important lessons of life.

Prayer should be part of our daily life, but even more so during those difficult times. Prayer, along with our quiet time talking to God from your heart, is the best way to attain the waiting love, strength, and the understanding and forgiveness of Our Lord.

I have included the following posts, St. Francis’ famous Canticle of the Sun, followed by Psalm 1. Reflect on these writings as you conquer the challenges of the narrow door.

“Find a Way.”


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