Happy Thanksgiving

“Whatever we do for ourselves dies with us.

Whatever we do for others is immortal and lives on.”


The world has changed to such a lighting pace, it is even more important on days like today, that we reflect and give thanks, as we share it with family and friends. So so important as all our days fly bye, we can only wonder where all the time has gone. And yes, and most importantly; we need to thank our Maker, God.

My blessing for Thanksgiving-

Lord, we thank you for the food we have to share here today, that many do not have.

Lord, we ask for your continued love for us, and may we continue to grow our love for you, and all those we encounter every day.

Lord, may we make the time to stop and make an effort to help those in need. May it be a minute to listen to what they have to say, as many do not have anyone to talk too.

Lord, May we smile to those that are carrying hardships and struggles, so we can lighten burdens in some small way.

Lord, May we show kindness to others, even if it is just simply holding the door for them, so we may touch them in some way.

Lord, judge us on not how big we try to do things for others; rather judge us in the amount of love we do these things for others.

Lord, thank you for all those that have gone before us for making this a great country through their sacrifices, and the families that taught, love and nurtured us, that are now with you.

Lord, may you steer us to use our strengths and skills for others to make a difference. May these gifts you have given all of us, be given away to others, so it may truly become a gift.

Lord, a special request to continue to bless the children and grandchildren here today, and for those who are not able to be with us here today. Let them soar with confidence and never look back.

Lord, finally give our love to all those who have left us to be with you, and tell them we miss and love them every day.

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