Judging Others

Judging Others

It is so easy to be critical of others. How often do we do it? Many times we know exactly what we’re doing, and at times, we don’t even realize it. What about the times we may be just sitting around, critical of others, and thinking very little of them. In fact, we are not even giving it a second thought, as we’re in the safety of our home, on the phone, or in the company of a like one. One like me who feeds off of others/me off of them. Just speaking “ill of the absent.”

Our words, actions and thoughts all have consequences, and many times one does not realize the impact or the damage it causes to others. And why do we do it? Haven’t we all been on the end of those criticisms and have we forgotten how it feels, and the pain it can inflict? Many people have lasting pain and hurtful memories that they carry with them always. Is it something you can be proud of? Or do you just feel empowered taking someone down and hurting them? What about what you are doing to yourself? Feel so good about it, you’d have no problem having your actions judged by others or posted on-line or in the local neighborhood paper. Let others see the other side of the real you!

On the other hand, how many times have you written or spoken words of forgiveness or encouragement? Shared warmth or love. Remember that feeling? Remember when you needed help and someone made a difference in your life and you vowed to pass it on, so others would know the difference that others can make.

Have you lent a hand to help to one in need today? Have you shared a kind word, a smile, or held the door for someone in need? Have you taken the time lately to share an extra long hug, a look that says you’re special and mean something to me, or I love you? Remember that feeling when you have reached out and how it made you feel? It put a smile on your face, added something to your walk and gave you a peaceful feeling right in your chest. And yes, maybe you eyes became a “little watery.” Just a little?

We all have choices and we all make decisions. Our decisions have consequences; some immediately and others at the end of our life, regardless of our faith and beliefs. We can change now and know God sees what is in your heart, or you can talk to Him later about it and explain your actions. God is ever so patient, loving and forgiving. He knows you better than yourself; so maybe now might be the time.

So make your choices, and hopefully you want that smile and skip back in your step!


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