“Make me a River”

” In the morning  when I rise, Jesus be my eyes. Before the day rushes in, with you is where I begin. 

As you Sing over me with your love,

I will sing praise for all you have done for me.

Fill my heart as I hunger for you-put my mind with your wisdom and truth.

Father, make me a river. Come living water, flow through me. You are, the one I thirst for; Come living water, flow through me!

You are, the one I thirst for; Come living water flow through me!

Guide every step I take

Fill every word I speak

Touch the world with my hands, they are yours.

Let my love show the lost you are the Lord.

Let the River Flow

Make me a River!

Let the River Flow

Make me a River!”

Casting Crowns

The thanks we can give back is only pale in what we receive.  The joy and love we experience makes our hearts pound with anxious thoughts of doing. Our hearts and mind changes, but that is what drive us to do; drives us in action. Our thoughts and words seem to change. The way we look at things is just different, not noticeable to anyone but you. Our conversation with God changes, frequency changes and it is not a thought in the morning, but becomes and goes with you throughout the whole day.

Your change is radical, different and all internal. It is like its being hidden from other , for now, but is just for you. And then slowly, the thirst becomes stronger. It moves to the head of line. All else, is behind you , but with you. Yes, its you but the change that start continues to grow more and more everyday. The slow growth turns into a thirst that is not quench. In some cases, and for a period of time, it becomes quite. Seems lost no matter what you say or how hard you pray. But change continues, and the trust and faith that was nourished and needed to go forward, finally fills the thirst and the quite. And the love you have knew, comes back with overwhelming changes that now is a love and closeness you have never experienced!

So what does one do? Yes, continue on and let your soul be abandoned to our Lord and continue to ask the Lord to “Melt and Mold you”. But also, words need to said. The words of “Jesus I love, Jesus I thank you, Jesus I trust in you, and Jesus I hope in you.”

Time to walk with Our Lord.


Keep Smiling!


Peace Prayer

Lord, make me an instrument of Your peace:

            where there is hatred let me sow love,

            where there is injury, pardon,

            where there is doubt, faith,

            where there is despair, hope,

            where there is sadness, joy.


O Divine Master grant that I may no so

            much seek to be comforted as to comfort,

            to be understood as to understand,

            to be loved as to love.


Because it is in giving that we receive, it is in pardoning that we are pardoned, and it is in dying that we are born to eternal life.



Keep Smiling!




Get Lost In Love

Warmth, a touch, a hug, sunrise, smile, a wave, Saying Hello, a wink, a glance, a helping hand, train whistle, a toot! A bark, squirming, toes, being alone, fire in our hearts, Our Lord, a helping hand, a moment to listen to someone, talking to the lonely, holding the door for someone, a thank you, I love you, Sorry Please pardon me, back of the line, being stealth, a veteran, children, an old man, scars, wounds, Casting Crowns, Bee Gee’s, an outstretch hand, scraped knee, not afraid, humility, understanding, Believing, Life, Doing the right thing, Family, friendship, prayer, Lighting Bugs! and



Just a sampling!  Carry it with you always.



Keep Smiling!




Franciscan Short Way Of The Cross (1-3)

First Station

Jesus Condemmed to Death


O Jesus! So meek and uncomplaining, teach me resignations in trials.


Second Station

Jesus Carries His Cross


My Jesus, this cross should be mine, not Thine; my sins crucified Thee.



Third Station

Our Lord Falls the First Time


O Jesus!  By this first fall, never let me fall into mortal sin.





Keep Smiling!





Lack of Love

It seems in today’s world, those simple words maybe be lost, and may be gone in so many life situations. And, when one reflects on all the meanings of Love, one can see how integral it is in all parts of our life.

We see the lack of love every day manifested in road rage and in our political arena, but more importantly, in our own dialogue with others. Difference of opinions are no longer acceptable or tolerated, and discussions with compromise are virtually nonexistent. One’s Selfishness and I know it all attitudes, becomes the answer and the end to the discussions.

We see hatred taking front and center in many situations attacking people’s looks and physical handicaps. Why and how has it gotten to that point in our world today. Some blame it on the internet and obscurity it provides, which allows one to say what is really in their heart. The saying “what is in one’s hearts are the words that come across our lips.”  It’s that person in their pajamas in the basement of their own house or their parent’s house, and also “in the name of comedy.” Oh yes, freedom of speech.


” Whatever you did for one of these least of my brothers of mine, you did for me.” (Mt 25:40). We’ve heard this quote quite often as it pertains to the poor and the homeless. We all have driven by the hungry begging for food, or one standing out in the cold and wondering should we have stopped? Do they really need help or are they just looking for handouts? Sometimes we drive by for no known reason, or not even thinking or seeing them. Sometimes we don’t want to go near them for “fear” of what we may get. So how do we change this, and again, why do we think that way?  Lack of Love!

One easy answer is the person who lost everything and landed on the streets. He is the one forced to beg to eat; to survive. He has no place to clean up and no money in his pockets for anything. Yes, and they cannot go home for a variety of reasons for which we should not judge.  But, by the grace of God and reasons unknown, some were chosen or helped and blessed, to be able pull up his boot straps and climb back; never to forget the one’s still out there trying to get out. The focus of me, money, success and “my needs” blinds one eyes to the others around us. Again, this can be some of the reasons for the hatred in our discussions and dialogue.  Does any of this apply to you? Yes, is the probable answer for most everyone, and for me sometimes.

 I would offer up to you to make time, even 5-10 minutes a day, and talk to the Lord. He doesn’t ask. He waits for us to start the dialogue. It’s hard to start, finding the words and not knowing if it will make a difference. Speak with the love in your heart and then be quiet and listen. Be patient, and your life will change. Peace and happiness will find a home in you. The thirst will be overwhelming. And with these changes, hopefully 5-10 minutes is not enough time.


Years can be shorter than days!  Just start and trust. Let the love grow in your heart and be sure to share it!



Keep Smiling!





Let your heart speak today!

What kind of shape is the spirituality of your heart in?  How can we tell and really know for sure?  So many unknowns, endless questions and “things” I cannot fully understand. How do I change it?

I believe the adage is true which goes like this, “The words you speak, reflects what is in your heart.” We see today the bad, the ugly, or simply stated, the lack of love in many individuals today. Many today that are highlighted in the  public spot light go from politicians to Fake News and to Hollywood stars.  However, we can all see the good and kindness from people from all walks of life. You can hear their words of love and kindness and see it in the actions, and yes, on their face. You may grant me these points, but the overarching questions is “What about me?”

What if I gave you everything? What if I stopped holding back from you? What if I went out of my safety zone; that uncomfortable space that is not mine? What if I truly had to test my trust? No half-baked trust, but the real thing, of giving your all with no turning back or taking it back? Trusting with your all!

Words like trust, love, a God who relentlessly pursues you and forgives you for all your wrongs. Intimacy with God, knowing His presence, experiencing His overwhelming love, all needs to be reflected on. Knowing your nothingness and giving all nothingness to Him, leads the way for you. This is your start!

It may be a time of silence, prayer or music that touches you. Find that time, hopefully in the morning, if even for just 5-10 minutes. Talk to God before you open the day to the world, news, or other people. It is your private quite time. It is your protected space and time. Make the commitment and with patience, hold on and you will know. Make it yours and own it. Remember God doesn’t ask you; you need to ask Him!  Let it go, because now you have turned it over to God. Trust Him. It is up to God now. He will not fail you. And yes, keep that dialogue going. 

You and your heart will never be alone again. You may even experience a heart that never stops speaking and that is ok, in fact, that is what you want. You may find a smile on your face without even knowing it, or a skip in your step, and an overwhelming feeling of love. And yes, others will notice.

Be happy. Be thankful. Ask God to guide your every step! Embrace “For all You are.”

Finally, for those important people in your life, always share your love, and don’t miss an opportunity to tell them “you love them.”


Keep Smiling!


Judging Others

Judging Others

It is so easy to be critical of others. How often do we do it? Many times we know exactly what we’re doing, and at times, we don’t even realize it. What about the times we may be just sitting around, critical of others, and thinking very little of them. In fact, we are not even giving it a second thought, as we’re in the safety of our home, on the phone, or in the company of a like one. One like me who feeds off of others/me off of them. Just speaking “ill of the absent.”

Our words, actions and thoughts all have consequences, and many times one does not realize the impact or the damage it causes to others. And why do we do it? Haven’t we all been on the end of those criticisms and have we forgotten how it feels, and the pain it can inflict? Many people have lasting pain and hurtful memories that they carry with them always. Is it something you can be proud of? Or do you just feel empowered taking someone down and hurting them? What about what you are doing to yourself? Feel so good about it, you’d have no problem having your actions judged by others or posted on-line or in the local neighborhood paper. Let others see the other side of the real you!

On the other hand, how many times have you written or spoken words of forgiveness or encouragement? Shared warmth or love. Remember that feeling? Remember when you needed help and someone made a difference in your life and you vowed to pass it on, so others would know the difference that others can make.

Have you lent a hand to help to one in need today? Have you shared a kind word, a smile, or held the door for someone in need? Have you taken the time lately to share an extra long hug, a look that says you’re special and mean something to me, or I love you? Remember that feeling when you have reached out and how it made you feel? It put a smile on your face, added something to your walk and gave you a peaceful feeling right in your chest. And yes, maybe you eyes became a “little watery.” Just a little?

We all have choices and we all make decisions. Our decisions have consequences; some immediately and others at the end of our life, regardless of our faith and beliefs. We can change now and know God sees what is in your heart, or you can talk to Him later about it and explain your actions. God is ever so patient, loving and forgiving. He knows you better than yourself; so maybe now might be the time.

So make your choices, and hopefully you want that smile and skip back in your step!