The Ways of Love

May I help you?, kindness, I’m sorry, please, thank you, excuse me, take this; I want you to have it, there’s more, what can I get for you?, let me help you, this hug is for you, kisses, a smile, a look, a touch, a glance, holding hands, a tap, a pat, offering up, doing without, making it work, an overflowing heart, prayer, that walk, that call, that note, that picture, that drawing, that song, that silence, being together, thinking of you, missing you, sitting next to you, remembering you, wishes for you, the best for you, telling others of you, caring, visiting, listening, waiting, hoping, wishing, patience, sharing, seeing, watching, helping, changing, trying, not doing it again, choosing my words, always, forever, understand, don’t worry, I’m here for you, trust me, support, got your back, friendship, partners, because, cheering you on, sacrifices, best friend, encouragement, excitement, helping hand, reach out, important to me, apple of my eye, without condemnation, unwavering, understanding, another hug, love you, the way,…….


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