My life has come down to words. Words express my feelings and emotions. The love I feel; the thanks I need to give. The closeness I feel when I can speak from my heart to you, my God. Words bring it all together for me, and at other times, the lack of words and silence, gives rise to my overwhelming feelings for you.

The closeness I enjoy and I pray to keep. My life is expressed in words, my triumphs and my failures. My words say it for all to hear, and you God, acknowledge my triumphs, and forgive my failures. My words speak of sufferings that I endure for you and what you have done for all. I offer it up to you as thanks. And those words are acknowledged with love from you.

All I can say is thanks, but what my words really say is, I love you, Lord.

And my words do not have to be heard by others, Lord. It is between you and me, alone in my corner room in the early mornings of the hours. It is our secret. This closeness is all I need to move forward. Yes, at times I want to share my words with others, but it is not necessary for me. Maybe my words are for you and my actions are for others?

I know you’re always with me and I am thankful for your presence, and I know you hear me when I speak and pray to you. You hear my words, but sometimes I have none, so I let my silence speak. Other times I cannot slow down my words, as I have much to say. My feelings just come forth and I know you understand, and you God, know what is written in my heart.

I thank you again for the answers to my prayers. You have given me the words to express all that I feel and it has a profound impact on me. I can only ask now that these words are passed onto others, so they too, can know, feel and experience, your words to them.


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