Pain and Suffering

We are all called to pain and suffering. It is part of life that comes in all forms, that no one can escape. Some noticeable, and others, we are made to deal with alone, in the quiet of our own company. This is the cross, or in many cases, the crosses we are meant to carry. As Blessed Fulton Sheen notes in his book, “Treasure in Clay,” “if we don’t pick up our cross you can be sure, at some time, it will be dropped on your shoulder.” Accepting one’s cross was so important to Blessed Fulton Sheen, he would pray for, and received, “extra splinters” so he could accept them for the souls of the world in need.

“As if we could give anything to God which is not already his, or (which is equally unthinkable,) He could take pleasure in our human anguish.” The blood, wounds, and the death on Calvary, speaks loudly of God’s love and forgiveness for us then, and now. Today!

As we are dealing with our cross(es) in life, let us remember on this day, the 11th of September, the horror of that day in 2001. And today, the death and torture we see in the world now, from Boston to Syria. And let us not forget, as we look back even further, the unimaginable; to think of the atrocities of the Concentration Camps of World War II. Millions were killed, while the few survivors today, still carry the pain and suffering .

Remember as God continues to loves us as He always has, that God also suffers with and for us with our pain and suffering. And also be aware, we see man’s “free will” in evidence today, both good and bad, all around us. Let us acknowledge the good given to us, and the good that we see every day as we go about, from those embracing and spreading love. And yes, let us pray for those who inflict the bad and evil as they go about, for whatever reason, that they find the love and understanding, and recognize the need for their remorse.

“As I have loved you, so you should also love one another.” _ John 13:34

So, the “Whatever,” is something we can, and should do, everyday.

“Find a way.”


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