Prayer of Abandonment


I abandon myself into your hands;

Do with me what you will.

Whatever you may do, I thank you:

I am ready for all, I accept all.


Let only your will be done in me,

And in all your creatures –

I wish no more than this, O Lord.


Into your hands I commend my soul;

I offer it to you with all the love of my heart,

For I love you, Lord, and so need to give myself,

To surrender myself into your hands without reserve, and with boundless confidence.,

For you are my Father.


Charles de Foucauld



Keep Smiling!



“What if I gave everything?”

” Am I afraid of the cost to follow?

Why am I still standing here?

What if I gave everything to you?

I need to stop holding back!

Are you calling me out to deeper waters?

Why am I still standing here?

What of I gave everything

I am tired of standing here

I want to see some mountains moved.

You have given the faith needed to move mountains and more.

Ready to give everything.

Good-Bye to standing here.”

O my Lord, I am ready to say good-bye. I am ready to move forward, but where do I start. How do I know this is the way; the way to you. As you know there were many paths before that I took. And yes, I knew best only to quickly find out the opposite. Hard to admit, but when you at the end of nowhere, you know are totally lost and don’t know what to do. No idea to how to get back, or do I go forward hoping for that off ramp. How do I find you Lord? I know it is you want. My heart tell me to keep searching; don’t give up, but how do I know that I will not repeat mistakes of the past. I’m tired Lord and do not want to end up nowhere again.

Why did I not see the obvious? How could I be so wrong, when the answer was in front of me all the time. Why did I let myself get in front of myself? Yes, did  I put myself in front of the answer?

It is like looking at a painting of words that is black and white. It appears all jumble up; means nothing. You stare and stare and it always looks the same. And yes, I finally see what it says. And ever time I look again, I can only see it this way now. Never will see it as it was before.

And yes Lord, I abandoned my soul to you through faith and trust. I took myself out of always knowing the way or the best answer. As I walk now on a new path, I know and feel, it is the correct way. The picture is clear. It is the only way I can see it now. With my soul abandoned to you, it is clear Lord.

“All of me, for all You are.







Love and Forgiveness

We are all called by God to live a just life following the Laws of God, and I believe the most important, can be summed up in Love and Forgiveness. The laws of The Commandments; “Thou shall not steal, Thou shall not kill… speak of what not to do, and yes, we need to obey. However, they “don’t move us to love more; they just keep us from failing to love.

True love overtakes us and leads us to do more than we ever thought possible of ourselves. We can develop patience, forgiveness and kindness over and over. It allows us to Forget, truly Forget grudges and past wrongs. What God is asking of us, is no more than he is doing for us and our failings.
What are some small ways we can move forward showing our love especially for our neighbors, or those strangers that cross our path every day for a reason? And how can we show it whether they see it or not?

It is a love with patience for someone who doesn’t get it or is incapable of understanding. It is understanding someone who has a different opinion or perspective than we do. It is that act of kindness like holding the door for someone and smiling at them. A few kind words to someone you pass by, as that maybe the only person they have in their life that day to talk too. A compliment to someone you don’t know to make their day, or just a simple thank you. A kind word of “Keep Smiling” that always evokes a surprise and a smile from them. Hopefully, you have made their day!
An easy scripture to remember that you can carry with you all day is ‘You shall love.” (Romans 13:9) Yes, I fail at times, as there are people I have tried to live with what I have noted above. But in a particular case, I have failed for years with a certain neighbor. But, I am still called to keep trying as these situations ring true to me: “Make us know the shortness of life/that we may gain wisdom of the heart.” (Ps. 90:12)

I recently participated in the Year of Mercy by attending the ceremonies and Mass for the relics of St. Maria Goretti. A very moving time and an overwhelming experience of forgiveness. Learning how to forgive and forget. Many miracles of recent times were shared with those in attendance, and in this special time, it was impossible for anyone to leave and not further embrace Love and Forgiveness.
I am noting some very powerful words that speak to Love below by Etty Hillesum:

“There is a passage in the Bible from which I always draw new strength. I think it goes something like: “He that loveth me, let him forsake his father and mother:” Last night I had to struggle again not to be overwhelmed by the pity I had for my parents, since it would paralyze me if I gave in to it. I know that we must not lose ourselves so completely in grief and concern for our families that we have little thought or love left for our neighbors. More and more I tend toward the idea that love for everyone who may cross my path, love for everyone made in God’s image, must rise above love for blood relatives. Please don’t misunderstand me. It may seem unnatural-and I see that it is still far too difficult for me to write about, though so simple to live.”

(Words by Etty Hillesum from Amsterdam, Holland and put to death in Auschwitz.)
And as the time ended with the ceremony for St. Maria Goretti, the Saint Child who shows us how to forgive, a speaker ended on this powerful and reflecting note. For those who pray the Our Father every day, and does not subscribe to forgiveness as we are asked, the speaker said: “I dare you pray for forgiveness; yes I dare you to pray for forgiveness.” As it goes in the Our Father, “give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespasses again us.”

So how do we ask God for forgiveness, when we are not willing to forgive. We will see.

Find A Way!!

Novena for the victims at Emanuel AME Church (Charleston, SC)

“Lord, we pray for those who have been debated

by recent tragedies. We remember those who have

lost their loves so suddenly. We hold in our hearts

the families forever changed by grief and loss. Bring

them consolidation and comfort. Surround them with

our prayers for strength. Bless those who have sur-

vivid and heal their memories of trauma and divas-

tation. May they have the courage to face the days

ahead. Help us to respond with generosity in prayer,

in assistance, and in comfort to the best of our ability.

Keep our hearts focused on the needs of all the

community. We ask this in the Jesus’ name. Amen.”

Please pray a novena for the victims of the massacre.

Monsignor Steven Brovey


Find A Wa

For the willing and unafraid

Prayer of Abandonment.


I abandon myself into your hands;
do with me what you will.
Whatever you may do, I thank you:
I am ready for all, I accept all.

Let only your will be done in me,
and in all your creatures –
I wish no more than this, O Lord.

Into your hands I commend my soul:
I offer it to you with all the love of my heart,
for I love you, Lord, and so need to give myself,
to surrender myself into your hands without reserve,
and with boundless confidence,
for you are my Father.

Charles de Foucauld

“Find A Way”

“Have no fear of moving into the unknown. Simply step out fearlessly knowing that I am with you, therefore no harm can befall you; all is very, very well. Do this in complete faith and confidence.”

― Pope John Paul II


Sharing the story

Have you reflected on your life recently to look back, and at the present, and see in honest eyes how you are doing and what you have done? Have you made a difference? Have you tried, changed and improved through your life experiences and maturity? Maybe the help came to you, and not knowing, you think you did it on your own. Have you used all the gifts granted to you or have you been focused on all the gifts and trappings of life for yourself?

Who we are and what makes us our own individual self, is all a gift from God. He expects us to use what has been given and to make a difference, and that comes in many shapes and forms. Can you name the gifts you have been given in this life, and how you are using them? The bigger question though, God has given you so much to make you who you are, so the question to you, what are you going to give back to God for those gifts given to you?

Depending on your belief system, there are different perspectives on end of life. More specifically though, is how are you going to meet judgment day? There are three areas I’d offer you to reflect on:

• Judgment – Our Lord asks you what you have done. Lord I did everything for you. I was honest, did not steal, was a good spouse and raised my kids to know you.” Our Lord asks again, what have you done for me/others? Lord I followed your commandments, made church every week. Again Our Lord asks, “What have you done for me?” I have been faithful to my spouse, never cursed or gossiped. “Yes I understand , but I have given you gifts to help the least of your brethren. Did you feed the hungry? Did you visit the sick and those in need? Did you help the elderly, the poor with their needs, the lonely? Did you not see me there with them? Did you not see me when you looked in their eyes? Did you not only love Me with your heart, mind and soul, but did you not love your neighbor as you would love me? “Those that are given much, more will be given.”

• Freedom – Were you not given your freedom? Did you not have a free will to do as you please? How was that used for others, but also for me? Did I not knock on your front door and you just said no to me. Did I not knock on your door and you just let me in the foyer? Did I knock on your door and you let me in the living room, but not the rest of the house? Is that how you did that to Me as I tried to be in your heart and be with you? Why did you not allow me to be totally in you, be with you always, day and night, and not just on a Sunday for an hour? Yes, I gave you freedom, but why did you lock me out?

• Grace – Did I not give you my grace to help you? Remember those times in need, those dark hours how you yelled out to me? Did I not get you through to the other side? Wasn’t I there when you were not interested in me, ignored me, and in fact forgot about me? Was that a yes? And yes, how about those times you hid things from friends and family, because you knew it was wrong and you felt ashamed. Did I not forgive you? Haven’t I always been there waiting for you? Haven’t I always been waiting to love you? Yes, love you and bring peace and happiness to you. Make you right. Make you a full person, a person you could be proud of and thankful? Make you an image of Me?

What is your answer after reflecting? Me too! Maybe not the time to pray to Him, but speak to Him, all by yourself from the heart. Yes, from the heart! No need to be afraid being alone with Him. God is the one that loves you and is always waiting on you. Always remeber, God Loves You!

Find A Way!

The World and The Church Today

As I sat in church last week, I happened to look up into the balcony, and then around to the side pews of the church, and it struck me how empty they were this day. My mind immediately drifted off to Christmas when there was standing room only. I have seen this many times before, but then it hit me why I was bothered.

Like most people today, regardless of one’s political beliefs, all are greatly moved by the scenes and stories of the persecutions of Christians and the other minority religious groups in the Mid-East. The genocide started last year in Syria, where 1.2 million Christians have been displaced and 130,000 people have been killed for failing to covert to Islam. Now this violence has spread to Iraq, with the continuation of genocide happening now for Iraq Christians’ and a fairly large religious group called the Yazidis.

The Christians and the Yazidis all have been forced to leave their homes with only what was on their back because of their refusal to convert. The other option facing them if they were unwilling to leave, was death by mass grave killings (either alive or dead), nailed to a cross or beheaded by the sword.

Their churches are being destroyed; papers, books and manuscripts dating back 2000 years are all being burned. Crosses are torned downed and burned, while others are used for crucifixions, while others head’s of those failing to give up their beliefs are paraded around town, photographed and put on the internet for all to see and witness.

Readers of history and those who study the bible could take these current events, and if the time line is unknown to them, could very easily think they were reading something happening 2000 years ago. But no, it is now!

We know how small the world is today, but how does one begin to understand what is happening a plane ride 7-8 hours away? How do we balance those situations with our own situations and our faith and daily lives? How do we reconcile those forced to die, as well as those willing to die for their faith, against the empty pews in church I witnessed last week? Where is the disconnect? Why such an expansive gulf? What don’t we understand, but just as important, what can we do?

“For all those suffering persecution for their faith and the love of you, our hope is in you Lord to find the answers to bring those people to safety and rest in your loving care.

Hear our prayer O Lord.”

Find a Way!

Through the narrow door

“Strive to enter through the narrow door.”
_Luke 13:24

Striving requires contending with whatever comes our way. Making good out of bad, and becoming a better person. Choosing encouragement instead of criticism. Choosing love rather than disrespect or hatred. We are all challenged with choices, hardships, disappointments, pain and suffering and the weight of our cross. How do we choose to manage this, and what decisions are we making to control all of this in our lives? But also, how do we manage this so we can put the beauty of life in front of our challenges, and enjoy and share the love around us?

It is hard to find those answers when you in the valley rather than on top of the mountain. But being in the valley allows us to get to the mountain as we learn, grow, and develop ourselves by the experiences of the valley. It is in the valley where we learn the important lessons of life.

Prayer should be part of our daily life, but even more so during those difficult times. Prayer, along with our quiet time with God talking from the heart, is the best way to get to the waiting love, strength and understanding of Our Lord.

Reflect on this, as you deal with all the challenges of the narrow door.


“Find a Way.”


What is prayer? Just something you do once a week at services because you feel an obligation? Is it something you have no interest in at all, and no time to consider because of your schedule? Or maybe you feel you only need to pray when you need something or some tragedy has entered your life?

Or, is it that you do pray occasionally but it has no meaning or purpose in your life? See no results. In fact, the praying you are doing is boring, burdensome and awkward. Almost very discomforting.

Is it maybe you don’t know how to really pray? Would you be surprised to know that sometimes, and over a period of time, praying is sometimes lonely, empty and very dry for those that do pray? And do you know why?

Let me ask, have you in your life ever worked hard at something like a sport, project, an advanced degree, or a skill set you never had, but so desired by you? Maybe to play a musical instrument or being an accomplished public speaker? And you did it by your simple determination, effort and with help along the way. And yes, it did not happen overnight, as it required a lot of effort and commitment on your part. You had to make time for it in order to get something out of it and get where you needed to be.

What a great feeling! And when you have experienced that great feeling, wouldn’t you do anything to get that same feeling again?

There is a saying in the martial arts, whether you’re a white belt or a dedicated black belt that simply says, “You need more practice.” And where does that not apply in our lives?

Know that God loves you and He wants to be with you and be part of your life. He has loved you before you even knew Him, and He can be part of your life. It requires you to “open your heart” to Him and put the above efforts into praying.

Have you heard of the analogy of how you protect what is most important to you? It is explained through rock, sand and water. In a large jar of water, you are asked to put in pebbles, sand, water and also rocks, with rocks being the things most important in your life. Without putting the rocks in first, one will never have the important things in their life.

As I have noted in previous writings, find your corner. Find your spot to pray and make it yours. Start out with 5 minutes, settle down and clear your mind and let it grow from there. As you begin to notice change slowly, experience God’s love and mercy, and you will want to grow that time together. Sometimes prayer is not needed. Just speak from your heart. Settle in His presence, feel nourished and know that you are in His love.

Know, you are never alone.

Find a Way!

Hugs and Your Corner

In this post time of Easter and Passover, it is important to share our hugs and joy with others. And yes, we then need to find “our” corner to pray and give thanks.

Yes, it is time to change; to be the adult in the room, to be positive, accepting, and quietly showing our strength and commitment by example. Touching others’ lives, helping those in need, and yes, being who we are intended to be. And then, back to our private corner to pray and to listen for God, and wait for our hugs and overwhelming love.

In the secret place of “our” corner, we can pray and to speak to God through prayer, silence, reflection or just the words from our heart. Sometimes, just from our heart is the only way God is waiting to hear from us. Just tell Him whatever is happening and what you’re going through. Tell Him how you feel! Tell it straight out. Those times are not disrespectful, but in fact, in these times we can become even closer to God. He knows what is written on our hearts. It is a powerful and close way to pray, and know He can handle it.

God is always waiting on us so He can give His love and attention to us along with His mercy and forgiveness. In these times, He will forgive us if we are remorseful for our actions and one with a contrite heart.

However, sometimes it may feel like He is not listening in any way to you. It may be temporary or for some extended time, but be assured; He is next to you and with you always. It may be a test of faith and patience, or one of your trust in Him. In these cases, just stop asking why and develop your trust in the one who loves you.

But do know; you can always find Him waiting in the corner of your home.

Find Him there and know how much He loves you.

Find a Way!

Don’t Quit_To those in Need

“When things go wrong as
sometimes will,
When the road you’re trudging
seems all up hill,
When the funds are low
and the debts are high
And you want to smile,
but you have to sigh,
When care is pressing you down a bit,
Rest, if you must, but don’t you quit.

Life is queer with its twists and turns,
As every one of us sometimes learns,
And many a failure turns about
When he might have won
had he stuck it out;

Don’t give up though the pace
seems slow-
You may succeed with
another blow.
Success is failure turned
inside out-
The silver tint of the clouds
of doubt,
And you can never tell
how close you are,
It may be near when it seems so far;
So stick to the fight when
you’re hardest hit-
It’s when things seem worst
that you must not quit.”

Find A Way

Inspirational Quote for those suffering loss

“Do not look forward in fear to
the changes of life; rather look
to them with full hope as they
arise. God, whose very own you
are, will lead you safely through
all things. And when you cannot
stand it, God will carry you
in His arms. Do not fear what
may happen tomorrow. The
same everlasting Father who
cared for you today will take
care of you then and every day.”

St. Francis de Sales

Find a way

All Souls Day

On this day, as we dedicate our thoughts and prayers to those that have gone before us, in many if not all cases, we still carry those pains and heart aches. It is all so very tender that feeling of loss, but it is important to think of our loved ones in a place we all aspire to attain. Even as we never completely get over their absence, however, getting through it can give us peace remembering that for our loved ones; life is changed not ended. “The souls of the just are in the hands of God” (Wisdom 3:13).

Maybe on days past we’ve had those times when we felt so very close to them. It may be a place, a particular song or a smell, or maybe we found something that was theirs. Coincidence? And yes, it might be the closeness, out of nowhere, that you feel them with you. Their presence is so strong you don’t know where to look or what to say. Whatever it is, you know they are there and it is real. Yes, we all have those reminders they are still with us and looking after us on our journey.

We are all connected.

These times hopefully help us understand our need to look to God and ask for his continued help and guidance. Thanking Him for all He has done for us and making Him part of our life every day; even in just some small way. It may be a kind and helpful act towards others, sharing our love with those we encounter, or a quiet moment of prayer alone or just silence, alone; just with Him.

“Lord, shine your everlasting light on all my departed loved ones.
May they find rest in your loving arms.
Thank you for giving so that we can live
forever with you in heaven!”

Learn to love God as He loves you.

Find a way.


St. Faustina

“Dear St. Faustina, I have come to know you as a friend. I ask you to plead to the Lord for me the prayer I ask of you. In times of doubt, dear friend, implore the Lord’s Mercy as you did so often here on earth, that I may remember who I am, and to what His mercy has called me.

In times of fear, implore His Mercy that I may ever remember to trust, and trust again, in joy, and in the knowledge that God is preparing me for a beautiful mission.

Please pray dear St. Faustina, that I may never forget that the abyss between my Lord and I has been bridged by His tender mercy. He will continue to be faithful and heal me of anything which stands in the way of His Will. My life is in His Hands.

Thank you dear friend. Pray with me the prayer Our Lord taught you to spread throughout the world; Jesus, I trust in You! Remind all pilgrims of life that if our trust is great, there is no limit to Jesus’ generosity.”

St. Rita

Intercessory Prayer to St. Rita

O powerful St. Rita,
rightly called Saint of the Impossible,
I come to you with confidence in my great need.
You know well my trials,
for you yourself were many times burdened in this life.
Come to my help,
speak for me,
pray with me,
intercede on my behalf before the Father.
I know that God has a most generous heart
and that he is a most loving Father.
Join your prayers to mine
and obtain for me the grace I desire

(Make your request…)

You who were so very pleasing to God on earth
and are so much so now in heaven,
I promise to use this favor, when granted,
to better my life,
to proclaim God’s mercy,
and to make you more widely known and loved.


Pain and Suffering

We are all called to pain and suffering. It is part of life that comes in all forms, that no one can escape. Some noticeable, and others, we are made to deal with alone, in the quiet of our own company. This is the cross, or in many cases, the crosses we are meant to carry. As Blessed Fulton Sheen notes in his book, “Treasure in Clay,” “if we don’t pick up our cross you can be sure, at some time, it will be dropped on your shoulder.” Accepting one’s cross was so important to Blessed Fulton Sheen, he would pray for, and received, “extra splinters” so he could accept them for the souls of the world in need.

“As if we could give anything to God which is not already his, or (which is equally unthinkable,) He could take pleasure in our human anguish.” The blood, wounds, and the death on Calvary, speaks loudly of God’s love and forgiveness for us then, and now. Today!

As we are dealing with our cross(es) in life, let us remember on this day, the 11th of September, the horror of that day in 2001. And today, the death and torture we see in the world now, from Boston to Syria. And let us not forget, as we look back even further, the unimaginable; to think of the atrocities of the Concentration Camps of World War II. Millions were killed, while the few survivors today, still carry the pain and suffering .

Remember as God continues to loves us as He always has, that God also suffers with and for us with our pain and suffering. And also be aware, we see man’s “free will” in evidence today, both good and bad, all around us. Let us acknowledge the good given to us, and the good that we see every day as we go about, from those embracing and spreading love. And yes, let us pray for those who inflict the bad and evil as they go about, for whatever reason, that they find the love and understanding, and recognize the need for their remorse.

“As I have loved you, so you should also love one another.” _ John 13:34

So, the “Whatever,” is something we can, and should do, everyday.

“Find a way.”


Insights into Fulton Sheen/ “Treasures in Clay”

“Treasures in Clay”, an autobiography written by Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen, is the last book penned by Blessed Archbishop Sheen, culminating over 60 books written by him, with the first one published in 1925. His articles, letters of instruction, religious papers and public writings of sermons, are too numerous to count. With his love of the word, both written and spoken, he continued his gospel messages in radio broadcasting, which began in 1930, and was known as “The Catholic Hour.” This continued until 1950 and was carried worldwide by networks and stations, as well as short wave radio, reaching 4 million people weekly. With his radio success and the advent of TV, he began his legendary TV show in 1951, “Life is Worth Living”, in his famous magenta cape and zucchetto. These TV shows were carried by 123 TV stations and over 300 radio stations, reaching 30 million weekly viewers. These television broadcasts ratings surpassed the “Saturday Shows” of Milton Berle and Frank Sinatra in TV viewership ratings. In fact, Bishop Sheen went on to win an Emmy for these shows. I would be remiss if I didn’t share some of his humor, but as he accepted an Emmy for his shows, “he wished to thank his writers; Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.” An unlikely scenario in today’s world, as the world truly has changed. Needless to say, his writings and oratory skills played a significant part in the church, and still do to this day.

Bishop Sheen continues to reveal his life and his dedication to being a disciple of Jesus Christ. He brought in understandable interpretations of scriptures and the bible, insightful looks into his prayer life, teachings, retreats, and his little known passion of working for the fallen souls of Jesus. He was driven to converting them back to the church in good standing, and seeing to them; so they continued to thrive in their faith. His exploration between the spiritual bond of Christians and Muslems, and the genealogy, was informative and helpful in the understanding history, and its continuing impact on the world today. I found his question on Fatima insightful when he asked, “Why did the Blessed Mother choose a tiny, insignificant village like Fatima to appear, so that she might be called Our Lady of Fatima?” The Prophet Mohammed’s daughter bore the name of Fatima, and in the Muslim faith, is considered the holiest of all women, followed only by the Blessed Mother. Bishop Sheen continued his reflections back into his early times as a priest, his journeys and worldwide mission work for the poor and hungry, and his time as “Bishop of Rochester,” a place out in the country; far from New York City. His reflections on celibacy, converts, the Second Vatican Council and his tremendous love of the cross, I believe, is a commitment and obligation for us to reflect on, understand and embrace in our journey.

Bishop Sheen’s influence and legacy will continue throughout the church. His readings and sermons are a must for all Christians needing help in their daily lives, and wanting a loving personal relationship with Jesus. He shares his struggles and hardships, his ups and down in the priesthood and explains the must do’s for all priests. His impacts and devotions to finding the “Lost Sheep” for God were relentless. He not only sought them out, he offered his own sufferings for them, so he could do God’s work. I believe the words of Pope John Paul II best expresses Bishop Sheen’s influence on the church. Two months before his death, Fulton Sheen met Pope John Paul II in St. Patrick’s Cathedral. With the iconic picture of the Pope hugging him he said, “You have written and spoken well of the Lord Jesus. You are a loyal son of the Church.”

As I continue my journey and ministry, I find Bishop Sheen inspirational and a teacher to imitate. He shows the power of the word, both spoken and written, and was always focused on his audience. He brings his faith to bear on those around him, and in particular, to the ones he knows needs God help and love. His daily life long “alone time” in prayer and devotion to the Holy Eucharist, was his source of strength but, his time also to review his relationship with Jesus. Something we must all embrace. He often would ask for “extra splinters” in prayer, so he could take the sufferings of the cross and unite it with his own, as he went forward every day. Bishop Sheen always felt it was better to ask for your cross, because if you didn’t, Our Lord would just put one on your shoulder anyways. And yes, Our Lord answered his prayers for “extra splinters.”

Reflecting on his life, Bishop Sheen shows the way we must travel and it’s the way regardless of one’s perspectives. He teaches embracement, getting out in front of it and always keeping God in mind. He also had a special love and devotion to the Blessed Mother, and as he said, “I always prayed to her and ask for help, and I always knew if I went through her, she would know how to get to her son, Our Lord Jesus Christ.” And in those difficult times, I knew “if she can love me, then Christ is with me.” Secondly, his devotion to developing a personal relationship with Jesus is one that has a profound effect on me, and one I need to always continue daily to nourish and grow. “The more we love Christ the easier it is to be His Alone.” It is to know Christ; not just knowing about Christ. Those words are profound and gets lost in the paragraph. It is knowing Christ; not just knowing about him. It is through this influence that challenges your faith, because you begin to ask yourself the questions which need to be answered. You need and want these answers, as the answers are the enablers for us to move forward. It puts all in perspective for the direction one must begin to take.

What drove Bishop Sheen to his heights throughout the world? What was up most in his mind and what was he always thinking? I have noted some of those answers above, but simply stated he saw a relationship he wanted with God. That was his strength to do what had to be done. He wanted to build the flock for Our Lord and to spread His word. This took on many forms in his words and actions, but for him, it always went back to that relationship. This is significant guidance and direction for me, and one of the major takeaways for me. Bishop Sheen always knew his relationship to God and did not want to disappoint him. If he was ok with God, he knew what he had to do for him. He also kept the cross of our Lord ever so present in his thoughts and his actions. Following the cross lead him to see the beauty of it, and this again for me, is something that is very important and has to always be with me.

As we go forward, we increasingly see the influence of Bishop Sheen in the church. Pope Benedict, in June of this year, began the final step in sainthood by making Bishop Sheen, “Blessed” Sheen. His influence in his teachings and interpretations of scripture are taking on more importance and scope now throughout the world. His ministry for the Propagation of Faith continues to raise the importance of the poor and its missions, and serves as an inspiration for many to follow.

I’ll close in leaving the questions that Bishop Sheen was always trying to find the answers to for his work. It speaks volumes about what I need to do, as it has relevance to the church and its practitioners’ today. They also address the answers to the question, why.

• “Have I really served the Church as well as I should?”
• “Have I used the many talents the Lord has given me?”
• “Have I cast fire upon the earth as the Lord has asked me to do?”

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