The Purpose of Me

I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I need to be.

How often, if not always, do we think and dream of what we want to be and accomplish in life? Those thoughts, in many cases, reflect our age, where we are trying to go and how fast we want to get there. What standard of life are we trying to attain? Obligations to meet, children to raise and care for, opportunities, college… and the list goes on endlessly. What needs do I have and what path, job, and skill sets do I have to master? What do I need to do to pull all of this off?

All good things. Great goals, and the satisfaction that comes with all that, is what I need and all I’ll ever want. And yes, lest we forget, what sacrifices do I need to make for all of that, for me? Time away from loved ones, missed games and recitals, loneliness, missing the important things in life like family time together and teaching and leading by example to those around me. The important things in life.

A tough balancing act!

So we fast forward 20, 30 or 40 years and what? What is that nagging feeling inside of me? I have all the money I’ll ever need and I have accomplished all I intended to do. Something is missing and how did I not see it? I feel like I lost something and never found it. This is exactly what I wanted to do! And I did “my way.”

I’m not saying the above path is wrong. It’s admirable to set lofty goals and go for them. But remember, this is your agenda and what you set out your purpose in life to be. But, is it God’s path for you? Is this how and what he has asked you to do? Maybe yes, maybe no. Or maybe a different version of what you have done.

Balance? Not “my way,” but maybe “Your Way Together.”

God is love, all forgiving, merciful and patient. Yes, patient. He has given all creation Free Will to do all that they want. But; could I have done what I did in life a little different? Could I have even done it without other’s help, including God’s? Would I of made different decisions if He was part of my life? Would I have had the strength to do more? Would I of found peace that I lost a long time ago? Would my life of been the same, but differ at the same time?

Only one way to find out. Maybe you can begin to pray like you did when you were a child. No? Well, can you just talk to God from your heart like He is your best friend? Can you act like a child again, and just say what you see and think, to Him? He will listen; but then it will be your turn to be quiet, still, patient and listen. And yes, you will know.

Yes, God is patient! Yes, He is loving and does care for me, and I am important to Him! Yes, I know I’ll be alright, and most importantly, He needs to be part of my life, and He is!

That is the purpose of my life!

Thank you God.

“Find a way.”

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