“Make me a River”

” In the morning  when I rise, Jesus be my eyes. Before the day rushes in, with you is where I begin. 

As you Sing over me with your love,

I will sing praise for all you have done for me.

Fill my heart as I hunger for you-put my mind with your wisdom and truth.

Father, make me a river. Come living water, flow through me. You are, the one I thirst for; Come living water, flow through me!

You are, the one I thirst for; Come living water flow through me!

Guide every step I take

Fill every word I speak

Touch the world with my hands, they are yours.

Let my love show the lost you are the Lord.

Let the River Flow

Make me a River!

Let the River Flow

Make me a River!”

Casting Crowns

The thanks we can give back is only pale in what we receive.  The joy and love we experience makes our hearts pound with anxious thoughts of doing. Our hearts and mind changes, but that is what drive us to do; drives us in action. Our thoughts and words seem to change. The way we look at things is just different, not noticeable to anyone but you. Our conversation with God changes, frequency changes and it is not a thought in the morning, but becomes and goes with you throughout the whole day.

Your change is radical, different and all internal. It is like its being hidden from other , for now, but is just for you. And then slowly, the thirst becomes stronger. It moves to the head of line. All else, is behind you , but with you. Yes, its you but the change that start continues to grow more and more everyday. The slow growth turns into a thirst that is not quench. In some cases, and for a period of time, it becomes quite. Seems lost no matter what you say or how hard you pray. But change continues, and the trust and faith that was nourished and needed to go forward, finally fills the thirst and the quite. And the love you have knew, comes back with overwhelming changes that now is a love and closeness you have never experienced!

So what does one do? Yes, continue on and let your soul be abandoned to our Lord and continue to ask the Lord to “Melt and Mold you”. But also, words need to said. The words of “Jesus I love, Jesus I thank you, Jesus I trust in you, and Jesus I hope in you.”

Time to walk with Our Lord.


Keep Smiling!


Get Lost In Love

Warmth, a touch, a hug, sunrise, smile, a wave, Saying Hello, a wink, a glance, a helping hand, train whistle, a toot! A bark, squirming, toes, being alone, fire in our hearts, Our Lord, a helping hand, a moment to listen to someone, talking to the lonely, holding the door for someone, a thank you, I love you, Sorry Please pardon me, back of the line, being stealth, a veteran, children, an old man, scars, wounds, Casting Crowns, Bee Gee’s, an outstretch hand, scraped knee, not afraid, humility, understanding, Believing, Life, Doing the right thing, Family, friendship, prayer, Lighting Bugs! and



Just a sampling!  Carry it with you always.



Keep Smiling!




Lack of Love

It seems in today’s world, those simple words maybe be lost, and may be gone in so many life situations. And, when one reflects on all the meanings of Love, one can see how integral it is in all parts of our life.

We see the lack of love every day manifested in road rage and in our political arena, but more importantly, in our own dialogue with others. Difference of opinions are no longer acceptable or tolerated, and discussions with compromise are virtually nonexistent. One’s Selfishness and I know it all attitudes, becomes the answer and the end to the discussions.

We see hatred taking front and center in many situations attacking people’s looks and physical handicaps. Why and how has it gotten to that point in our world today. Some blame it on the internet and obscurity it provides, which allows one to say what is really in their heart. The saying “what is in one’s hearts are the words that come across our lips.”  It’s that person in their pajamas in the basement of their own house or their parent’s house, and also “in the name of comedy.” Oh yes, freedom of speech.


” Whatever you did for one of these least of my brothers of mine, you did for me.” (Mt 25:40). We’ve heard this quote quite often as it pertains to the poor and the homeless. We all have driven by the hungry begging for food, or one standing out in the cold and wondering should we have stopped? Do they really need help or are they just looking for handouts? Sometimes we drive by for no known reason, or not even thinking or seeing them. Sometimes we don’t want to go near them for “fear” of what we may get. So how do we change this, and again, why do we think that way?  Lack of Love!

One easy answer is the person who lost everything and landed on the streets. He is the one forced to beg to eat; to survive. He has no place to clean up and no money in his pockets for anything. Yes, and they cannot go home for a variety of reasons for which we should not judge.  But, by the grace of God and reasons unknown, some were chosen or helped and blessed, to be able pull up his boot straps and climb back; never to forget the one’s still out there trying to get out. The focus of me, money, success and “my needs” blinds one eyes to the others around us. Again, this can be some of the reasons for the hatred in our discussions and dialogue.  Does any of this apply to you? Yes, is the probable answer for most everyone, and for me sometimes.

 I would offer up to you to make time, even 5-10 minutes a day, and talk to the Lord. He doesn’t ask. He waits for us to start the dialogue. It’s hard to start, finding the words and not knowing if it will make a difference. Speak with the love in your heart and then be quiet and listen. Be patient, and your life will change. Peace and happiness will find a home in you. The thirst will be overwhelming. And with these changes, hopefully 5-10 minutes is not enough time.


Years can be shorter than days!  Just start and trust. Let the love grow in your heart and be sure to share it!



Keep Smiling!





Questions and Love

Questions and Love

What comes from thanksgiving and blessings? What about the healing power of love and mercy? And yes, how does this apply to me?

Have I wronged a friend or treated someone unfairly? Been Disrespectful? Have I failed to show compassion and mercy because I was so full of pride? So full of me! Was I unkind to a family member, a neighbor or a work associate? Am I always thinking of myself and totally not seeing others? And I different now than I used to be? I wonder; do people see me differently?

Probably yes to most of these questions, and possibly to all of them. I cannot see the change, but I sense from my friends that they are starting to distance themselves, and others, well; they are pretending to be my friend.

“A friend loves at all times; and a brother is born to adversity.”
…………………………………………………………………….Proverb 17:17

How can I change? Yes, you and I need to make changes. It starts with a hello, a wave, not turning one’s back on another, the famous “pretending” not to see someone, giving a ear to listen to someone who may not have another person in their life today to talk too, a smile of warmth, holding a door with a smile, “Pardon me or please forgive me” instead of I am sorry. Hugh difference when you ask them to make the decision.

The most important change for you and I is a silent prayer to God thanking Him for all our blessings and telling Him you love Him. Yes, tell Him you love Him and ask for His strength and mercy we so need. You should always pray and ask for God’s mercy, as you should show mercy to those you love. You cannot ask for more than mercy from those who care for you; as a merciful person will share in your misfortune and suffering, and do whatever it takes to help you. And yes, this is what God’s mercy is for us.

For whatever reason, if a prayer is not possible right now, God would love just to hear your own words. Make it your own words and feelings your prayer to Him. Just open up and tell Him. Don’t hold back. Just talk from the heart!

Express your love to Him and ask Him to share it with all those in, as well as those, not in your life today.

“………………………………..the heart reflects the person.!!!!”

Find A Way!!

The Purpose of Me

I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I need to be.

How often, if not always, do we think and dream of what we want to be and accomplish in life? Those thoughts, in many cases, reflect our age, where we are trying to go and how fast we want to get there. What standard of life are we trying to attain? Obligations to meet, children to raise and care for, opportunities, college… and the list goes on endlessly. What needs do I have and what path, job, and skill sets do I have to master? What do I need to do to pull all of this off?

All good things. Great goals, and the satisfaction that comes with all that, is what I need and all I’ll ever want. And yes, lest we forget, what sacrifices do I need to make for all of that, for me? Time away from loved ones, missed games and recitals, loneliness, missing the important things in life like family time together and teaching and leading by example to those around me. The important things in life.

A tough balancing act!

So we fast forward 20, 30 or 40 years and what? What is that nagging feeling inside of me? I have all the money I’ll ever need and I have accomplished all I intended to do. Something is missing and how did I not see it? I feel like I lost something and never found it. This is exactly what I wanted to do! And I did “my way.”

I’m not saying the above path is wrong. It’s admirable to set lofty goals and go for them. But remember, this is your agenda and what you set out your purpose in life to be. But, is it God’s path for you? Is this how and what he has asked you to do? Maybe yes, maybe no. Or maybe a different version of what you have done.

Balance? Not “my way,” but maybe “Your Way Together.”

God is love, all forgiving, merciful and patient. Yes, patient. He has given all creation Free Will to do all that they want. But; could I have done what I did in life a little different? Could I have even done it without other’s help, including God’s? Would I of made different decisions if He was part of my life? Would I have had the strength to do more? Would I of found peace that I lost a long time ago? Would my life of been the same, but differ at the same time?

Only one way to find out. Maybe you can begin to pray like you did when you were a child. No? Well, can you just talk to God from your heart like He is your best friend? Can you act like a child again, and just say what you see and think, to Him? He will listen; but then it will be your turn to be quiet, still, patient and listen. And yes, you will know.

Yes, God is patient! Yes, He is loving and does care for me, and I am important to Him! Yes, I know I’ll be alright, and most importantly, He needs to be part of my life, and He is!

That is the purpose of my life!

Thank you God.

“Find a way.”