All Souls Day

On this day, as we dedicate our thoughts and prayers to those that have gone before us, in many if not all cases, we still carry those pains and heart aches. It is all so very tender that feeling of loss, but it is important to think of our loved ones in a place we all aspire to attain. Even as we never completely get over their absence, however, getting through it can give us peace remembering that for our loved ones; life is changed not ended. “The souls of the just are in the hands of God” (Wisdom 3:13).

Maybe on days past we’ve had those times when we felt so very close to them. It may be a place, a particular song or a smell, or maybe we found something that was theirs. Coincidence? And yes, it might be the closeness, out of nowhere, that you feel them with you. Their presence is so strong you don’t know where to look or what to say. Whatever it is, you know they are there and it is real. Yes, we all have those reminders they are still with us and looking after us on our journey.

We are all connected.

These times hopefully help us understand our need to look to God and ask for his continued help and guidance. Thanking Him for all He has done for us and making Him part of our life every day; even in just some small way. It may be a kind and helpful act towards others, sharing our love with those we encounter, or a quiet moment of prayer alone or just silence, alone; just with Him.

“Lord, shine your everlasting light on all my departed loved ones.
May they find rest in your loving arms.
Thank you for giving so that we can live
forever with you in heaven!”

Learn to love God as He loves you.

Find a way.


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