“Make me a River”

” In the morning  when I rise, Jesus be my eyes. Before the day rushes in, with you is where I begin. 

As you Sing over me with your love,

I will sing praise for all you have done for me.

Fill my heart as I hunger for you-put my mind with your wisdom and truth.

Father, make me a river. Come living water, flow through me. You are, the one I thirst for; Come living water, flow through me!

You are, the one I thirst for; Come living water flow through me!

Guide every step I take

Fill every word I speak

Touch the world with my hands, they are yours.

Let my love show the lost you are the Lord.

Let the River Flow

Make me a River!

Let the River Flow

Make me a River!”

Casting Crowns

The thanks we can give back is only pale in what we receive.  The joy and love we experience makes our hearts pound with anxious thoughts of doing. Our hearts and mind changes, but that is what drive us to do; drives us in action. Our thoughts and words seem to change. The way we look at things is just different, not noticeable to anyone but you. Our conversation with God changes, frequency changes and it is not a thought in the morning, but becomes and goes with you throughout the whole day.

Your change is radical, different and all internal. It is like its being hidden from other , for now, but is just for you. And then slowly, the thirst becomes stronger. It moves to the head of line. All else, is behind you , but with you. Yes, its you but the change that start continues to grow more and more everyday. The slow growth turns into a thirst that is not quench. In some cases, and for a period of time, it becomes quite. Seems lost no matter what you say or how hard you pray. But change continues, and the trust and faith that was nourished and needed to go forward, finally fills the thirst and the quite. And the love you have knew, comes back with overwhelming changes that now is a love and closeness you have never experienced!

So what does one do? Yes, continue on and let your soul be abandoned to our Lord and continue to ask the Lord to “Melt and Mold you”. But also, words need to said. The words of “Jesus I love, Jesus I thank you, Jesus I trust in you, and Jesus I hope in you.”

Time to walk with Our Lord.


Keep Smiling!